Source formatters -- not the "right" solution 
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 Source formatters -- not the "right" solution

> What could be done is (oh boy, Yet Another Bright Idea): a questionnaire
> could be made addressing various points of style.  From responses, one
> could publish _Style_Today_, a book citing what _is_ used today.  Not why,
> or what should be used, but what _is_.  Then we could all see where we stand
> and go from there (or stay where we are -- whatever).

I'm trying to encourage a structured, value-neutral discussion of why people
make particular layout choices so we can build a sort of decision tree or
graph representing the space of possible layout rules. I want to do this
because I think a look at the next level up (the formation of the unconscious
metarules that steer you to a given spot on the graph) might yield really
interesting information about the 'microlevel' of how human beings do code.
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