SURVEY of CS depts. (languages) 
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 SURVEY of CS depts. (languages)

I am a graduate student in Software Engineering interested in determining what
the most popular computer languages used in UNDERGRADUATE computing sciences
programs are, and why.  I am curious to know the objectives and approaches of
various CS departments in the contexts of languages and operating systems.  From
your responses I will compile a summary and post it back to the USENET.  There
are only three questions which you can answer in as much detail as you feel is

(1) What are your department's 3 most emphasized languages (and why)?

(2) What are your department's 2 most emphasized operating systems (and why)?

(3) How important do think your choice of languages and/or operating systems
    is to your overall CS program(s)? (i.e. as opposed to the other aspects of
    CS, in particular theory.)

If you have any other information you might like to add, please do so.  Your
input is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Chris Little    GE Fanuc Automation, C{*filter*}tesville, {*filter*}ia    (804) 978-6274

Fri, 07 Jan 1994 22:35:35 GMT  
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