Need: ANSI cxref (cross-reference utility) 
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 Need: ANSI cxref (cross-reference utility)

Fellow C-ers,

(This may well be a faq, but it wasn't in the FAQ.)

We're in the middle of a major re-write of our research database, and
we are writing our new code with ANSI function declarations etc.

With the previous, non-ANSI version, I used the tool "cxref" to create
a complete cross-reference (>200 pages!) which was quite useful.

However, the ancient cxref we have does not grok the new function
declarations, "const", etc., so we can't use it anymore.  :-(

(I know, I can run "unprotoize" on the files first (and remove
"const"), but that's not very user friendly.)

Does anyone out there know of an "ANSIc" cross-reference generator?
Preferrably something free...  I tried looking in some GNU archives,
but couldn't see any.

Thanx in advance,

"BugWriter"    ;-)

Bj|rn P. Munch               | Dept. of Comp. Science & Telematics,

PhD Student                  | N-7034 Trondheim, Norway

Wed, 25 Jan 1995 00:14:37 GMT  
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