Need a C compiler to produce stand-alone code 
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 Need a C compiler to produce stand-alone code

Help, please.

We are doing a project that uses a custom I/O board plugged into
an IBM PC/AT backplane.  The custom board is a 'smart' board in that
it has a NEC V33 chip (Intel 80286 equivalent) and 1/2 meg of memory
on it.  I am looking for a C compiler that will run on a 386/486 and
produce code that will run on the 286 in stand-alone mode (no
operating system or system functions present).  I would prefer that
the compiler run on a Unix(*) system (LynxOS in particular), but
DOS is OK.  This does not need to be public domain, we might actually
BUY the right compiler.

E-mail any ideas you might have.  Thanks.


-->BoB Miorelli, Pratt & Whitney Aircraft
                 also, H & R Block Tax preparer and Instructor

Sun, 15 Oct 1995 03:56:39 GMT  
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