Cross-platform development tools 
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 Cross-platform development tools

I am interested in getting a list of commercial C and C++ development tools
for cross platform development, specifically for use on HP9000/730 & 755
w/HPUX9.0, Sun Sparc 2 & 10 w/Solaris1.0 and 2.0, and DEC Alpha 3000 & 5000
w/OSF1.  Is there one tool that can be used on all platforms?  I'm looking
into Codecenter and Softbench but not sure if they are supported by all
three.  Any recommendations are appreciated.  

                       Ken Tilley
                       55 Walkers Brook Drive
                       Reading, MA  01867

                       (617) 942-2000
                       (617) 942-7100 FAX

Sun, 17 Nov 1996 04:29:38 GMT  
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