Newbie Array/Scanf question 
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 Newbie Array/Scanf question

I am trying to write a program that has the user fill a dual
array with floating point numbers. I can not seem to be able to
get scanf to work if I use variables to represent the elements of
the array. The two code fragments below were cut and pasted from
an actual program. The first example where I use constants to
represent the array elements in the scanf statment works just
fine. The second however, where I use variables to substitute for
the array elements, does not work. I get the error message that
follows (By the way, I am using Turbo C++, v1.01, aka Second
Edition. The only library I have included is stdio.h):

float arr[5][2];
int i,j;

scanf("%f", &arr[0][0]);
printf("You entered %f", arr[i][j]);

OUTPUT Screen:

You entered 3.000000



float arr[5][2];
int i,j;


scanf("%f", &arr[i][j]);
printf("You entered %f", arr[i][j]);

OUTPUT Screen:

 scanf : floating point formats not linked
 Abnormal program termination


What am I doing wrong!!

Please reply via e-mail. Thanks!


Wed, 05 May 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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