Need C/C++ source code for real time graphing 
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 Need C/C++ source code for real time graphing

   I'm looking for C source code or programs to help me along on my summer
project. I'm a physics student working for the department for the summer.  My
job is to interface instruments for a  UHV system to a computer terminal to
monitor the progress of the experiments.  Part of the program will require
some real time graphing to ensure that he experiment is progressing properly.  
I have no experience with graphics, all the programming I've done has been
numerical and text oriented.So what I'm looking for  is some helpful hints,
source code I could adapt, places to look for code, books, information in
general on C graphics.  I need to use C since the instruments used came with  
C software (Microsft Developer, Borland C/C++).

Send suggestions to: Craig Storey


Tue, 02 Nov 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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