Programming Contest: Contest Clarification 
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 Programming Contest: Contest Clarification

Contest Clarification: The intent of providing a broad scope "Data
Communications Algorithms" was to open the contest up to a wide range
of programmers working in diverse segments of data communications.

However, to assist in further definition here are some "possibilites":

    Terminal Emulation Programs             Async Drivers
    Sync Drivers                            LAP-B, LAP-M Implementations
    HDLC, SDLC, Bisync ...Implementations   CRC algorithms
    Data Encryption algorithms              Data Compression algorithms
    Data Communications Monitors            Modem and Port Diagnostic
    Finite State Machines                   Auto Dialers

Caveat: These examples are only provided as a guide. Any algorithm that
        can be effectively applied to data communications will be accepted
        and considered seriously. So we encourage you to be as creative
        and inventive as you wish.

        Good Luck!

Sun, 28 Jan 1996 20:44:31 GMT  
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