ANN: hashlib package updated. 
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 ANN: hashlib package updated.

I have just mounted a slightly revised version on the URL below.
The principle changes are added documentation, and the wdfreq.c
demo application.  This illustrates sorting the stored content of
a database, among other things, and is heavily commented.

Portions of the package are under either the GPL or are public

I would especially appreciate any reports from Linux or FreeBSD
users as to any problems with the makefile and/or the regression
testing script.

A portion of the readme file follows:

------------ readme.txt -------------

GENERAL (modified 2002-03-12)

Hashlib implements a generalized hash storage data base package
which has O(1) storage and retrieval performance.  It removes
all the effort of implementation and storage management, and
only requires that a few application specific routines be
provided.  It can report statistics and is thus also an
excellent test bed for checking hash function performance.

The complete package can be found at:

   < http://www.*-*-*.com/ ;

I have removed this from Beta status, and marked hashlib.c as
being version  There have been no bug reports in over
six months.  All code, except the detection of keyboard input
in the demo wdfreq.c, is ISO standard C.

For general use in other applications, see the notes in file
hashlib.h.  These describe all the entry points and auxiliary
routines needed.

This package should be ready to use.  The hashlib module should
compile on any system, leaving a suitable hashlib.o for use in
any required project.

Under DJGPP, or CYGWIN, or Linux, the only command needed
should be:

   make hashlib
   make all

Alternatively you can execute the full set of regression tests
by executing either runtests (under linux/cygwin)  
or                  runtests.bat (under DJGPP)

Note that the runtests script will also function under DJGPP if
executed by bash.

In either case the package will be completely rebuilt from the
source and verified.

cokusmt.c (.h) is included purely to ensure that regression
tests will function on any system.

markov.c is a demonstration of a fairly complex use of the
hashlib library.  Kernighan and Pikes "The Practice of
Programming" gives another implementation with somewhat
different characteristics.

wdfreq.c is a demonstration of forming a linked list from the
content of a filled hashtable, and then sorting that list.
This has been added in the release of version, and is
extensively commented.  The techniques used can enable dumping
and reloading of hash databases to/from external files.

Note that the xref.exe included is ONLY for use under DOS or


   Available for consulting/temporary embedded and systems.
   < http://www.*-*-*.com/ >  USE worldnet address!

Mon, 29 Aug 2005 07:59:06 GMT  
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