A pretty basic question - Thanks for the Help! 
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 A pretty basic question - Thanks for the Help!

I'd like to thank everyone for the timely(they started about 20
minutes after my post) and abundant(10+) responses.  I'd also
like to publicly bury my head in shame for two reasons.  The
first, making main() a function of type void.  I'm a relatively
green programmer and a green C++ programmer at that;  second, the
 fact that I didn't realize the solution in the first place.  I'm
the kind of person who would rather put together my son's bike
(if I had a son and then, if he had a bike) without reading the
instructions - and I program likewise (hunt, peck, and code).  I
tried 15+ combinations of CATing the two strings using strcat()
but for some reason, I always had the wrong combination.  I was
sure I had come up with some combination of pointers and arrays
that no one had thought of CATing before.  Oh, the humanity...

Thanks again for your help - I've gotten past my original problem
and am now stuck on another, more complex problem.  So after
about a month of trying this and that, I may post another

I am in debt to the entire online programming community!

William D. Rozmiarek


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Sun, 11 Jan 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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