How to test (Re: C language test) 
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 How to test (Re: C language test)

   Here's a simple test.  It only consists of one request:

        A) Write me a program, with complete ASCII user
           documentation and design notes written logged
           in a logbook or on disk all by the end of this week.

   Whoever writes you the best program gets the job.  You even get to define
"best", but it should include the feature of being bug-free.


        B) Write me a program to do this (hand a spec to the programmer).

        C) Take this program and clean it up and extend it in
           this way (give the programmer a spec).

        D) Take this program and add in a component that will
           interface to it in this way (hand a spec to the programmer).

(all requiring design notes logged in a project book or on disk all within a
set time limit).

Forget all this nickel and dime stuff with testing knowledge of C.  It's
irrelevant.  All that matters is who can do the job the best (as defined by
A), B), C), D), or something similar), not who makes the best language
lawyer or even the best programmer.

Sun, 09 Mar 1997 03:27:50 GMT  
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