Help: bitwise operations on a 56 bit word 
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 Help: bitwise operations on a 56 bit word

: :   A variable of size n bits need not be held in a register of n bits.
: : The only need is that the variable be manipulated as if it had the
: : specified size.

: Then why bother to specify?  It can only mean that extra code will be
: needed to check the bounds of every single reference to the variable.

  As always, you prove to be an idiot.

  The only extra code that is needed is before comparisons.  When adding
or subtracting any upper bits are obviously irrelevant.  If they were
relevant - fool - then C certainly would not be able to function by
ignoring them.

: That might be nice for debugging purposes, but it will result in
: hideously slow production code.

  It will be somewhat slower if the compiler can not ensure that the
results are within range so as to avoid the truncations before

  So what? The machines with nonstandard register sizes should be
scrapped anyhow.


Sat, 30 Oct 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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