GAS vs M$ vs Borland; formats questions 
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 GAS vs M$ vs Borland; formats questions

Dear all,

We're trying to see if this is possible to use
GAS files with Borland C compiler.
(our GAS files are hand-coded *.S files that come with GNU MP)

For MSVC, one can simply compile GAS files with cygwin gcc,
and use the resulting object files (say, in a object library)
without any problem.
For Borland this trick does not seem to work; they use a different
object format, and the convertor coff2(whatever) they provide
rejects object libraries with object files made by gcc.

Is there a way around?

Also, could perhaps someone point out to a text
comparing different assembler formats for x86.
Are there any (semi)-automatic convertors beween different
assembler formats?
(I never programmed in x86 assembler myself, so please forgive
me my ignorance.)

Thanks in advance,
Dmitrii Pasechnik

Tue, 25 Dec 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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