help calling a win3.1 Kernel function 
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 help calling a win3.1 Kernel function

Hello All,

Thanks for your attention.  Can anyone give me some pointers on
how to call the WinExec function in win3.1's KERNEL.EXE from
a DOS app?    I'm just getting into asm programming and am
unsure how to get the vector of the function so that I can call it.  If
this wont work, do I need to install a TSR from the DOS app that
then calls WinExec after the DOS app ends and then terminates

What I *REALLY* would appreciate is info on tutorials or books that
are specifically oriented toward asm programming using the windows
API and also writing windows DLL's (I have been through the FAQ
several times and didn't find much info on windows.  I did find a file
called that is very interesting but doesn't give much
specific "how to" info).

Also, I am currently evaluating the A86 assembler but am wondering
what the best assembler for use with windows (3.1, 95, & etc...) is?

Any information will be enthusiastically received.


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Thu, 01 Apr 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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