-> DOS App disassembly/HUFFMAN anyone? 
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 -> DOS App disassembly/HUFFMAN anyone?

Is anyone good at reverse engineering a 1987 .EXE that uses overlays?

I am trying to take an existing DOS (1987) application without its original source code, and have someone
reverse engineer (disassemble) it -with any tools they may use (disassembler/emulator).  The existing
application reads from CD Rom a ".DAT" file  (600 megs) apparently reading a record at a time (4k bytes?)
then unencoding in  (proprietary?) HUFFMAN.  

I need a simple decoding function (.DLL) that will decode a record at a time - the current app being too slow,
and crashing all the time.  The price I will pay for this function is negotiable.  If you're interested, please
include your day/night phone number.

Thanks- Jim.

Sun, 22 Aug 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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