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 IPX NetWork communication

does anyone have any code (prefferably for A86, but I suppose any assembler would do, as long as plenty of explanation is provided) for a IPX Network communications driver. When running NetDoom, there is a Port number that must be specified, and then all the computers seem to be able to share information. Though I don't plan to be doing a game similar to doom's net play, I'd like to know how to connect a series of computers using this method, for a sort of network-conference program...
If you reply, PLEASE do by E-Mail - My ISP isn't letting me connect, so I'm trying to use AOL's BYOA plan, though my ISP is down, and therefore can't stay on long enough for newsgroups due to the high charges...
Anyway, if anyone has any information, for any language (Pascal, or a QLB would be OK too, though I'd preffer ASM), it'd help.

Sat, 28 Aug 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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