Kinda neat code [repost] 
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 Kinda neat code [repost]

Repost using valid address to see why the first one bounced ...

>From the never-use-this file ...

Exhibit A:

    mov dx,0xB2ED
    mov cl,0xED
    cmp dl,cl
    jne $+3
    mov dx,0xB2EF
    in dx
    jmp StartPos

What it does:

Reads data from the port in 0xB2ED (usually decoded as port 0x2ED), then writes
it out to the port 0xB2EF (usually decoded as port 0x2EF), continuously looping.

How it does it:

First of all, the assembled code, starting at the mov:

BA EF B2      mov dx,0xB2EF
ED            in dx

If the jump fails (which is does on the first loop) dx gets $B2EF put in it, and
the data gets inputted. Since dl is now not equal to 0xED, the jump succeeds in
the next loop. The first byte of this code snipped is dropped leaving the code
to disassemble as:

EF          out dx
B2 ED         mov dl,0xED

The jump fails on the next loop and the data is inputted and so on.


Thu, 05 Aug 2004 10:20:21 GMT  
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