linker problems with asm VxD 
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 linker problems with asm VxD

I am trying to get into VxD writing, but I'm having kind of a rough time.
Actually, I understand the theory behind VxD's pretty well, but I haven't been
able to write any because I can't seem to get the linker to work correctly!  I
know this sounds stupid, but it's completely baffling me.  I have MASM 6.11 but
am using the linker from the Win98 DDK, and I have written a very simple VxD
which I called a.asm.  I compile a.asm into a.obj using ml.exe.  However, no
matter what parameters I use when I invoke the linker, I inevitably end up with
a VxD that does not work.

Let me elaborate.  The linker runs successfully without any errors, but the
resulting VxD file is totally defective.  When I try to boot Win95 with a
device=a.vxd statement to load my VxD, I get a text error message as the system
is booting saying that the file is damaged and I need to reinstall the software
package that it came from.  At first I thought my code was at fault, but I just
tried assembling and linking a VxD that I got straight out of one of Andrew
Schulman's books, and I get the same error message.  So clearly the code is not
at fault (cause I know Schulman's VxD works; he distributed a binary form of it
on the accompanying disk and the binary form works fine).  Thus I am forced to
suspect I am doing something wrong with my linker.

OK, here's my specific question.  I want to know two things.  First, what
version of Microsoft's link.exe is everyone using?  Mine refers to itself as
"Microsoft (R) Incremental Linker Version 5.12.8181."  Is this the wrong
version?  Where could I get the right version?  Second question.  What should
the invokation to the linker look like on the command line?  Here's what I am
using right now, without any success:

link /vxd a.obj /def:a.def

As I said, this links fine and everything (the only warnings I get are about
having to convert from OMF to COFF, but that's fine because I understand why I
get that warning), but the resulting VxD does not run on my system and
generates the error message I mentioned above.

Thanks for any insights.


Wed, 11 Jul 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
 linker problems with asm VxD

Try (assuming you haven't already)  !!!

Note the Win98 DDK is free and Win95 isn't.
What's up with that?

Fri, 13 Jul 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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