Help! -- Need access to hardware 
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 Help! -- Need access to hardware

Please forgive me if this seems off topic for this newsgroup.  I work for an
oem of industrial computers and we have customers running O/S's like dos,
unix, winnt, qnx, and anything else that might be laying around.

My problem is that I am tasked to solve problems where our SBC does not work
with the customer's environment.  In trying to solve these problems, I often
need to write and read directly to the hardware, whether it be memory or i/o

Several o/s's prevent me from doing this.  Are there any utilities available
to help me do this?  Is there something I can write that would allow me the
privilege leve to do this?  I prefer to work from the command line so I
don't need to worry about gui overhead.

Any help or suggestions at all will be deeply appreciated.

Tue, 04 Sep 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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