Detecting if running Windows NT 
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 Detecting if running Windows NT

Some time ago someone asked how to detect if software is running under
Windows NT 4.0. This question was once put forth in comp.lang.clipper
and one of the regulars there pieced a small lib together (available
from his website) that contains this little piece of assembler that
figures this out.

        Mov AX, 3306h;
        Int 21h;
        Cmp BX, 3205h;
        Jne End; if not equal, no NT.

More can be found at Dave Pearsons web site:

Take a look in Hagbard's World: |   w3ng - The WWW Norton Guide
http://www.*-*-*.com/ |     eg - Norton Guide reader for
http://www.*-*-*.com/ |    weg - Norton Guide reader for
Free software, including........| dgscan - DGROUP scanner for Clipper.

Wim Kok

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