Flat Real Mode Stack and 32-bit Code Segment Issues 
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 Flat Real Mode Stack and 32-bit Code Segment Issues

I have a question here...

If I engage FRM on my processor (Thanks to Herman for showing me how
to PROPERLY engage it -- it works now), and I set SS to a 32-bit data
segment, instead of a 16-bit segment, will the default stack word size
(versus the default operand or addressing size) switch to 32-bits?
AND, should an interrupt occur, will a 32-bit EIP be pushed instead of
a 16-bit EIP (with the upper 16-bits set to zeros)??

Also, if I switch CS to use a 32-bit code segment, will the interrupt
table use six bytes per interrupt entry (CS:EIP), or will it stick
with the 32-bit per entry format (CS:IP)?


Wed, 03 Feb 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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