asons to Rx the Bit Dr. 
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 asons to Rx the Bit Dr.

When to call the bit doctor or
When should I use asm?
I'll start it.
 1.  New designs ( no HLL available ).
 2.  Instruction set analysis.
 3.  Startup hardware diagnostics.
 4.  Keeping code from being xported.
 5.  Architecture dependent procedures.
 6.  Compilers must be ASM aware.
 7.  To hide some code from prying eyes.
 8.  To confuse most 'c' programmers.
 9.  To understand the hardware.
10.  To test the hardware.

Supporing arguments
I was working on a design for a new RISC processor and we were doing the
first board design for this chip. I had to make a macro compiler to
create the ROM code for the  POST and IPL of the board. Some of the
instructions did not match the documentation so I had to ICE or analyze
each instruction.
Testing new ISA's can't be done with HLL.
Machine specific code can't be transported anyway.
Sometimes vendors LIKE to keep their algorithms from being transported
to other platforms to keep their technology to themselves.
Machine architecture is not an HLL domain.
I assume this is self-evident.

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