why do not works? 
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 why do not works?

this is the output of my masm 6.11
C:\AOA\CH05>masm /Zi proj5_1.asm
Microsoft (R) MASM Compatibility Driver
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp 1993.  All rights reserved.

 Invoking: ML.EXE /I. /Zm /c /Zi /Ta proj5_1.asm

Microsoft (R) Macro Assembler Version 6.11c
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp 1981-1994.  All rights reserved.

 Assembling: proj5_1.asm
proj5_1.asm(59) : error A2005: symbol redefinition : Next
proj5_1.asm(60) : error A2012: PROC, MACRO, or macro repeat directive must
proj5_1.asm(62) : error A2034: must be in segment block
proj5_1.asm(63) : error A2006: undefined symbol : $$For

  proj5_1.asm(63): Main Line Code
proj5_1.asm(63) : error A2008: syntax error : &
proj5_1.asm(64) : error A2008: syntax error : &
proj5_1.asm(65) : error A2008: syntax error : &
proj5_1.asm(66) : fatal error A1008: unmatched macro nesting

and this is the file:
; Sample variable declarations
; This sample file demonstrates how to declare and access some simple
; variables in an assembly language program.
; Randall Hyde
; Note: global variable declarations should go in the "dseg" segment:

dseg  segment para public 'data'

; Some simple variable declarations:

character byte ?  ;"?" means uninitialized.
UnsignedIntVar word ?
DblUnsignedVar dword ?

;You can use the typedef statement to declare more meaningful type names:

integer  typedef sword
char  typedef byte
FarPtr  typedef dword

; Sample variable declarations using the above types:

J  integer ?
c1  char ?
PtrVar  FarPtr ?

; You can tell MASM & DOS to initialize a variable when DOS loads the
; program into memory by specifying the initial value in the operand
; field of the variable's declaration:

K  integer 4
c2  char 'A'
PtrVar2  FarPtr L  ;Initializes PtrVar2 with the
     ; address of L.

; You can also set aside more than one byte, word, or double word of
; storage using these directives.  If you place several values in the
; operand field, separated by commas, the assembler will emit one byte,
; word, or dword for each operand:

L  integer 0, 1, 2, 3
c3  char 'A', 0dh, 0ah, 0
PtrTbl  FarPtr J, K, L

; The BYTE directive lets you specify a string of characters byte enclosing
; the string in quotes or apostrophes.  The directive emits one byte of data
; for every character in the string (not including the quotes or apostrophes
; that delimit the string):

string  byte "Hello world",0dh,0ah,0

dseg  ends

; The following program demonstrates how to access each of the above
; variables.

cseg  segment para public 'code'
  assume cs:cseg, ds:dseg

Main  proc
  mov ax, dseg ;These statements are provided by
  mov ds, ax  ; shell.asm to initialize the
  mov es, ax  ; segment register.

; Some simple instructions that demonstrate how to access memory:

  lea bx, L  ;Point bx at first word in L.
  mov ax, [bx] ;Fetch word at L.
  add ax, 2[bx] ;Add in word at L+2 (the "1").
  add ax, 4[bx] ;Add in word at L+4 (the "2").
  add ax, 6[bx] ;Add in word at L+6 (the "3").
  mul K  ;Compute (0+1+2+3)*123.
  mov J, ax  ;Save away result in J.

  les bx, PtrVar2 ;Loads es:di with address of L.
  mov di, K  ;Loads 4 into di
  mov ax, es:[bx][di] ;Fetch value of L+4.

; Examples of some byte accesses:

  mov c1, ' '  ;Put a space into the c1 var.
  mov al, c2  ;c3 := c2
  mov c3, al

Quit:  mov ah, 4ch  ;Magic number for DOS
  int 21h  ; to tell this program to quit.
Main  endp

cseg  ends

sseg  segment para stack 'stack'
stk  byte 1024 dup ("stack   ")
sseg  ends

zzzzzzseg segment para public 'zzzzzz'
LastBytes byte 16 dup (?)
zzzzzzseg ends
  end Main
this is my autoexec.bat
SET INCLUDE=c:\stdlib\include
SET LIB=c:\stdlib\lib
why masm do not works properly?

Sun, 28 Aug 2005 04:05:30 GMT  
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