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 Mice, mice, mice, mice ...

Kei, here's the deal. I want to be able to support the standard
MS/Logitech/Genius/Mouse Wares mouse as much as possible, on as many
levels as possible. This includes:

  - in my own OS code (one of these days ^^; )
  - in my own games, assuming the mouse driver exists and SVGA mode set
  - in my own games, assuming no mouse driver ( ~= case 1)

So, question: I call mouse driver (that is, int 33h) with ax = 1Fh
and I get an error state return (I believe it's FFFFh). What does this

BTW, 1Fh is "Disable driver"; I'm calling this because I went and wrote
a program to handle COM port interrupts from the mouse; it disables
the int 33h driver (calling function 00 first, but whether or not I do
still gives me an error), Initializes the serial port to 1200 bps
7n1, does the whole reset mouse thing (IE, set line to "broken" state,
drop DTR and RTS, then raise them and wait for an 'M' or "M3"),
installs its own handler and unmasks IRQ4 for COM1. IT does these things
in that order. Is there any reason why it shouldn't work? IS there any
reason why the disable shouldn't work? I'm kind of stumped here, since
it's the first thing I do in my program besides set up my data and
stack segments ^^;

Okay, other than that. Writing my own int 33 handler, is it worth it?
Would I need to do it if I were to write an OS, or could I assume that
if user is a mouse, user is not a twit and has mouse driver? Would it
be worth my time to implement such a handler and have it in a loadable
library in the system's directory just in case?

Finally, what's up with functions 0C and 14 of the mouse driver? I'm
looking at them in RBILVIEW (so much nicer than INTERHLP ^^; ) (this
is, of course, Ralf Brown's interrupt list) and they give the mouse
position in "rows" and "columns" to the event handler I would feed to
the mouse driver ... I also notice that there are functions to set
the maximum and minimum of the rows and columns. So, am I correct in
assuming that I could set rows and columns, and then in my "user
handler" (to use this document's term) I would get a different position
whenever the mouse moved X mickeys to put it in a different column?
Am I also correct in assuming that I could then use this capability to
write a mouse handler for an SVGA mode?

Thanks in advance for any help ^_^; I've been working on different
off and on with the mouse (usually direct serial input), trying to get
to work for so long ... I would really appreciate any feedback! Thanks

                                             -|-E the Icefalcon
Mouse theory ... yay o_o

Tue, 03 Dec 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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