Macro Preprocessor (was: C -> ASM compression problem) 
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 Macro Preprocessor (was: C -> ASM compression problem)


>>I solved it.  There were no logic problems ... but what I didn't realize
>>was that Microsoft's .IF-.ELSE-.ENDIF macros do unsigned comparisons on
>>memory variables (like word ptr [bp-2], etc).  Therefore, once I changed
>>them to "jg" and "jl" instead of "ja" and "jb" it worked perfectly.

>>Two weeks of my life that I'll never get back.  :)))))  But I'm so glad
>>that I got it fixed.  :)

>   Now you know why so many of us old-timer MASM users don't like the new
>   features.

   Now we all see why a separate macro processor (e.g. m4) is great
and helps avoid mistakes, while providing more power than lame MASM/TASM
macro systems ever can.
   However, I admit I am displeased with m4 syntax and semantics (not with
its POWER). Any better option anyone ?
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