SIZEOF, sizeof() and parenthesis 
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 SIZEOF, sizeof() and parenthesis

>T1 TextEqu %(sizeof(s))         ;;Gets A2009: syntax error in expression
>T2 TextEqu %(sizeof(SelRecord)) ;;Produces 0FFFFh!
>T3 TextEqu %(SIZEOF s)          ;;Gets the right answer
>T4 TextEqu %(SIZEOF SelRecord)  ;;Gets the right answer

In the manual parens are never used for SIZEOF.  Unlike C, where sizeof() is
optional ("sizeof STRUC" works fine in C) and where things are very well
defined, masm can work or not work depending on...well, anything it seems.  The
only place I use parens is at expressions, such as "HIGHWORD (380+960)".  That
it worked in other versions, or does for certain data types, isn't surprising,
but it would probably be mentioned in a readme, or at least the mskb.  It's
easy to 'workaround', of course (seems to always work without parens).  My
favorite masm oddity is the line too long error.  That's fun.

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