Help needed with MARS source code 
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 Help needed with MARS source code

Hi All,

I am looking for a 386+ assembler programmer to help me with a project that
I've started. If anyone remembers the Mars demo by Tim Clarke .... well, I've
found some source to that (from the GIANT 4K demo) and I need help in
understanding just what's going on. Basically I know nothing about assembler
but I did some 6502 years and years ago (remember the old Atari 800s ... nice
machines!!!) but some of this code is beyond me. What I'd like to do is to
'cut' out the engine pieces and wrapper them in some C code or call them as
functions so that I can do my own stuff.

If anyone out there can help me or even wants the the TASM source I've got
then PLEASE PLEASE email me.

Thanks heaps in advance,



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