asm code:Win95->Ok but crashes on Linux 
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 asm code:Win95->Ok but crashes on Linux

Amit Narayanan schrieb:


> Hi,

>  I've developed a relatively short assembly language module as a
> function callable from C to drive the C program a lot faster.  While the
> code works perfectly on Windows95 it crashes with a Segmentation Fault
> on Linux (its the same machine which is dual bootable into Win95 or
> Linux)

Have you tried o put the whole code in a pushad ... popad? If it works
then, then you have forgotten to save some registers.

You use

>  mov eax, [ebp+8] ;load all function parameters
>  movq mm0, [eax]  ;
>  mov ebx, [ebp+9] ;
>  movq mm1, [ebx]  ;
>  mov ebx, [ebp+11] ;
>  movq mm3, [ebx]  ;
>  mov ebx, [ebp+12] ;

so your pointers seem to be 8 bits large, instead of 32 bits? I'am
astonished at the fact that Windows 95 executes this code without any
problem...the upper 3 bytes of eax are identical to the lower 3 bytes of
ebx. I can't imagine that this is correct, and if it is correct, then
you're really brave...

MfG Alexander

Thu, 08 Aug 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
 asm code:Win95->Ok but crashes on Linux


>          mov eax, [ebp+8] ;load all function parameters
>          movq mm0, [eax]  ;
>          mov ebx, [ebp+9] ;
>          movq mm1, [ebx]  ;
>          mov ebx, [ebp+11] ;
>          movq mm3, [ebx]  ;
>          mov ebx, [ebp+12] ;
>          movq mm2, [ebx]  ;

Either you've got some super-trick freestyle stunt code here, or your
offsets are wrong... I'd be awesomely impressed if you where getting the
right numbers from the way you're loading your pointers from [ebp+8,9,10,11]
Can you post your C function defintion, as the parameters you're loading,
the offsets don't look right at all, bot for passing 32bit data anyway..


Fri, 09 Aug 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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