Counting Clock Cycles on Pentium Under Linux 
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 Counting Clock Cycles on Pentium Under Linux

How should a person go about counting the number of clock
cycles that a section of code consumes on a Pentium under
Linux?  I have tried to use RDTSC (Read Time-Stamp Counter)
but it would seem that the time-stamp is not saved with
each process.  So, the count is skewed as a result of the
time spent in other processes.  I have tried to use RDPMC
(Read Performance-Monitoring Counters) but have not had
much success yet.  This is an MMX enhanced processor so
RDPMC is available.

  Related to this, if the time-stamp is not saved with each
process then is RDTSC valid on a multi-processor system
where it is possible that a process could be moved
to a different processor?


Mon, 09 Jul 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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