FS: assm book + a couple C books, etc 
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 FS: assm book + a couple C books, etc

I have the following book titles for sale.  None of the titles include shipping
and handling:

Fractal Graphics (includes disks.) 550 pages
 A discussion of fractal generation.  Disks have programs (including source)
 and examples.  Bookstore price: $30  I'll sell for $10 +s/h

Tricks of the Graphics Gurus (includes disks) 880 pages
 Graphics image file formats, tweening/morphing, fractals, 3d, ray tracing
 (includes Poly-Ray), windows graphics.
 Bookstore price: $50, my price: $25

Tricks of the Game Programming Gurus (includes CD.) 750 pages
 Just about everything you want to know about 3d point-of-view games (like
 wolf3d, doom, heretic, etc, etc.)  While the source programs and examples are
 all in Watcom C, I've found them portable to Borland, Microsoft, and djgpp.
 Bookstore price: $50.  My price: $20.

8086/8088, 80286, 80386, and 80486 Assembly Language Programming. 440 pages
 Our school uses it as an assembly text.  The writing is pretty good, and the
 examples are clear.  I'm only selling because I've found that I use a
 different reference more often.
 Bookstore price: $30

Borland C++ 4 Object Oriented Programming 860 pages
 A good reference, but I am doing all of my programming under UNIX now, so I
 can't use it.  This is not the manual that comes with BCC.  I also am selling
 BCC 4 on CD.
 Bookstore price (book): $40  my price: $20
 BCC CD New: ~$60-80          my price: $30
 I'll sell both for $45

Repair and Upgrade your PC (includes disks of software tools) 220 pages
 Very instructional.  Helpful if you're trying to install just about anything
 into (or onto) your computer.
 New price: $15   my price: $5

A first book of ANSI C Fundamentals of C programming  530 pages
 This used to be the text for CS 260.  Until I bought my KnR, this was my C
 reference - and a very good one, too.  It covers all the basics - recursion,
 file processing, etc.
 New price: ??  a bit beat up: $10

 Sim City 2000  $20
 Lemmings       $15

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