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        Hi, I'm trying to make a simple program that spawns a secondary
shell (exec COMSPEC...). What I've done works under the Causeway DOS
Extender, but crashes with DOS/4GW. If anybody could help me find what's
wrong with this code, I'd appreciate it a lot.

----- shell.asm ----------------------------------------------------------
model flat

        jmp _over
        db 'WATCOM'


        mov ax,ds
        mov [_psp1],ax

        mov ax,es
        mov [_psp2],ax
        mov [_psp3],ax

        mov ax,[word es:002ch]
        mov [_env_sel],ax

        mov bx,ax
        mov ax,0006h
        int 31h                             ; Get Segment Base (CX:DX)

        mov [word _environ],dx
        mov [word _environ+2],cx

        mov ax,ds
        mov es,ax

        mov esi,offset DOS_Shell$           ; ESI -> 'COMSPEC', 00h
        call _getenv                        ; EAX -> Ptr to Shell
                                            ; eg. 'C:\DOS\COMMAND.COM', 00h

        mov ebx,offset DOS_Shell_Tail$      ; EBX -> 00h, 0dh

        mov [_cmd_tail],ebx                 ; Store ptr to Command Tail in
                                            ; _exec_block struct

        mov edx,eax
        mov ebx,offset _exec_block
        mov eax,4b00h
        int 21h                             ; DOS EXEC

        mov ah,4ch
        int 21h                             ; DOS EXIT

; EAX = _getenv(ESI)

        push esi edi
        call _strlen

        mov edi,[_environ]

        cmp [byte edi],00h
        jz _getenv_end

        call _strncmp
        test eax,eax
        jz _getenv_yeap

        cmp [byte edi],00h
        jz _getenv_next
        inc edi
        jmp _getenv_skip

        inc edi
        jmp _getenv_try_next

        mov eax,edi
        add eax,ecx
        inc eax
        jmp _getenv_exit

        mov eax,edi

        pop edi esi

; ECX = _strlen(ESI)

        push eax esi
        xor ecx,ecx
        xor al,al

        cmp [esi],al
        jz _strlen_2
        inc ecx
        inc esi
        jmp _strlen_1

        pop esi eax

; EAX = _strncmp(ESI, EDI, ECX)     (zero -> equal, non-zero -> not equal)

        push ecx esi edi

        test ecx,ecx
        jnz _strncmp_l3

        xor eax,eax

        pop edi esi ecx

        mov bl,[esi]
        mov bh,[edi]
        cmp bl,bh
        je _strncmp_l4
        mov eax,1
        jmp _strncmp_exit

        cmp [byte esi],00h
        je _strncmp_l2

        inc esi
        inc edi
        dec ecx
        jmp _strncmp_l1

        DOS_Shell$      db 'COMSPEC', 00h
        DOS_Shell_Tail$ db 00, 0dh

label   _exec_block
        _env_sel        dw  0000h
        _cmd_tail       dd  00000000h
        _psp1           dw  0000h
                        dd  0000005ch
        _psp2           dw  0000h
                        dd  0000006ch
        _psp3           dw  0000h

        _environ        dd ?

end Start

        This is the error message I got from DOS/4GW with environment
variable DOS4G=verbose

----------- dos4gw.log ----------------------------------------------------
Error initializing mouse: 2
Loading with LINEXE_LOADER
Executing D:\PROJECT\ADS32\SHELL.EXE with initial registers:
TSF32: prev_tsf32    0
SS       158 DS       158 ES        28 FS         0 GS        20
EAX        0 EBX        0 ECX        0 EDX        0
ESI      150 EDI        0 EBP        0 ESP   141410
CS:IP  150:0013F000 ID 00 COD  168588E FLG      200
CS=  150, USE32, page granular, limit FFFFFFFF, base        0, acc CF9B
DS=  158, USE32, page granular, limit FFFFFFFF, base        0, acc CF93
ES=   28, USE16, byte granular, limit       FF, base     DA40, acc 93
SS=  158, USE32, page granular, limit FFFFFFFF, base        0, acc CF93
DOS/4GW error (2001): exception 0Dh (general protection fault) at 70:00001634
TSF32: prev_tsf32 4FC0
SS        98 DS        98 ES        20 FS         0 GS        20
EAX      D00 EBX     2380 ECX        0 EDX       20
ESI   141294 EDI     2430 EBP     4E66 ESP     4E60
CS:IP   70:00001634 ID 0D COD 4FFE00D8 FLG    10006
CS=   70, USE16, byte granular, limit     596F, base   11C160, acc 9B
SS=   98, USE16, byte granular, limit     7CFF, base   153DF0, acc 93
DS=   98, USE16, byte granular, limit     7CFF, base   153DF0, acc 93
ES=   20, USE16, byte granular, limit     FFFF, base     DB40, acc 93
FS=    0, USE16, byte granular, limit        0, base       14, acc  0
GS=   20, USE16, byte granular, limit     FFFF, base     DB40, acc 93
CR0: PG:0 ET:1 TS:0 EM:0 MP:0 PE:1   CR2: 10053C4C CR3: 4B14
DOS/4GW deinitializing
... deinitializing LINEXE_LOADER
... deinitializing D32_INT31
... deinitializing int31 package

        I think the program crashes when it reaches a 'lds si,[bx+82]' or
something like that, which is not in my code, I guess it's in DOS code, but
for some reason that memory can't be accessed (the WATCOM de{*filter*} can't
show me the memory contents)

        Hope somebody helps me,

Fri, 19 Nov 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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