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 Fixup overflow problem and question


I admit that it wasn't a bright thing to do, but I did it - I wrote a
program by putting all of the PROC's in one file, using a global data
seg, and now I have to split it up into individual modules. The
problem that I'm encountering is about 20 fixup overflows.

Ok, I read the docs that came with Borland C++, (I looked, but
couldn't find anything about the error in the TASM manuals) and it
says that this error occurs when you try to make a near call to data
or a PROC that should be a far call. This is where the problem is... I
have declared all of my segments as public, with the same name, and
alignment so all of my calls and references to data should be near,
but I am still getting the error.

I know that I have exported/imported all of the symbols and procnames
that I need, so this isn't a problem either. I also noticed that the
BC++ manual said that if I was using ASM the error might be caused by
something 'else' but it doesn't say what! =)

I was wondering if anyone here could make a suggestion as to how I can
correct this error. Thanks a lot!


Tue, 14 Sep 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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