Fixup Overflow Error 
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 Fixup Overflow Error

I get the followng error message when trying to link a C codes to
assembly function:
fixup overflow at 'number' in segment 'segment'
target external 'symbol'
any body knows why ?
I am using microsoft C for compiling, and turbo assembler for

Mon, 04 Sep 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
 Fixup Overflow Error


> fixup overflow at 'number' in segment 'segment'
> target external 'symbol'

It might have been easier to explain if you had left the actual
segment and symbol rather than making them generic.  I assume it
also told you the file name.

Somewhere in that file you have a reference to that 'symbol'
The reference to that symbol has a specified "frame" that it is
relative to (Either the group-or-segment that the assembler-or-
compiler believes the external symbol is in, or the g-or-s that
the a-or-c ASSUMES is in the segment register used to access
the symbol).

Without a lot more specifics, there are too many possible causes
for me to make a good guess.  I will make one wild guess as an

You are using a memory model that assumes all code or all data
(whichever type that symbol is) are in a single group-or-segment.
Your ASM code gives a different name to that g-or-s than the
compiler gives for the C code.  I will guess the C segment is
lower in memory and the ASM code accesses a C symbol in a way
that assumes it is in the same segment with ASM symbols.  Since
16-bit code (another guess) can't have offsets below the base
of the segment, you have asked the linker to compute an
impossible offset.  Solution:  make the segment names match.

Mon, 04 Sep 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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