How do i exit from supervisor mode? 
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 How do i exit from supervisor mode?


> I have a problem with entering protection level 3 (from level 0) on the x386.
. . .
> I'm trying to 'fake' a iretd stack in order to enter a CPL 3 CS.

> Stack: WORD  new ss (my default flat data segment - i also tried the CPL 3
> data segment)

   It should be a DWORD, not a WORD (the high word is ignored, but
takes up space in the stack frame).

   It must be a valid DPL 3 data segment.  I assume your default
flat data segment is not.

> DWORD new esp

  Must be within the limit for the segment.

> DWORD flags (which i set to 0)

  I think zero is OK, I am not sure.

> WORD  new CS (with a CPL of 3) DWORD new IP

  CS also must be a DWORD.

  You also should set the other segment registers to
select DPL 3 descriptors.

> Then i do a 'iretd' and... crash! If i use a CPL 0 CS (i.e. a non-priviledge
> transition return), it works! Oh btw, iv'e set up an TSS, but it shouldn't be
> needed at this time anyway...

  The TSS isn't needed to iretd from 0 to 3, but the ss0 and
esp0 fields of the TSS are required to fault or interrupt
back to 3 from 0.

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