number representations (was: even vs. odd numbers) 
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 number representations (was: even vs. odd numbers)

: >Fact: the AND trick used in your example only works for *positive* signed
: >integers and unsigned integers.

: Which raises a question in my mind:
:   Does anyone know of an actual ones-complement computer that
:   is still in use?  (Or sign-magnitude for that matter?)

: (I do try and ensure that I don't gratuitously introduce
: "2s complement" dependencies into my code, since the
: language standard allows for other possibilities, and will
: continue to until such time as the standard might be changed,
: but I am curious as to how pointless my efforts really are.)

:               --Ken Pizzini

**************begin r.s. response****************

        traditional thinking has been
        target operands of
                bitwise operations
                shift operations
        should be unsigned ...
        if such are signed then they
        may be cast ...

**************end r.s. response******************
Ralph Silverman

Fri, 27 Aug 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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