Flash BIOS modification: Newbie questions 
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 Flash BIOS modification: Newbie questions

I'm well versed in Z-80 assembly for many years and have only recently
learnt x86 assembly.

I'd like to change my laptop's flash BIOS to recognize faster cpus (it
has socket 7 replaceable cpus) and also to recognize larger hard drives.
I also want to put some security features in the BIOS.

After doing some research, it looks like SOURCER with BIOS-PREPROCESSOR
is a good program to get to understand and edit the bios:

The problem is it's too expensive. Can anyone recommend any other
package that will do a good job?
Can someone give me a primer on BIOS programming? I would really
appreciate it as I can find almost no information on the subject.

I'm looking to modify the BIOS contained in

Thank you

Tue, 01 Jan 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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