HELLLLLP!!!! (please read, need help with MASM) 
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 HELLLLLP!!!! (please read, need help with MASM)

Hi guys. I poked around looking for the answer for this one before
posting...I'm learning Assembler in school at the moment, and my project is
due on Monday. This is not a problem, even though I barely know what I'm
doing at this point. My problem is that I NEED to work on it at home during
the weekend if I am going to hand it in on time, and I don't have a copy of
Microsoft's assembler program (which I gather is called MASM). Is there a
shareware version out there that I can download which would be compatable
with MASM? My teacher said that not all of them were compatable with one

Any advice??


Fri, 21 May 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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