32 Bit ASM from 32 Bit Windows COBOL 
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 32 Bit ASM from 32 Bit Windows COBOL

anyone know a quick html link to an explanation of proc using?


>Here is a lot more info and some actual code.


>     - The calling program sets the structure of passed parameters.
>       In Realia, this was always ES:DI for 1st parm, DS:SI for 2nd,
>       and the remaining passed on the stack.  Since I did not want
>       to use the stack (since this has its own compatibility
>       and since I wanted to make all my routines standard, all of
>       are written with exactly two parameters.

>     - Realia supplied the information as to the structure.  If
>       does not, you would have to see the assembler source listing
>       a compiled program to see how it passes data parms during a
>       I would imagine, though, that even if it was not documented,
>       could ask one of their programmers.  This is important to know
>       it would relate what the new 'PROC USING' should contain.

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