Indirect calls using MASM 6.1 (how?) 
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 Indirect calls using MASM 6.1 (how?)

Subject says it all.  On p 180 the Masm 6.1 programmers reference states:

CALL {label|register|memory}

The operand contains a value calculated at run time.  Since that operand
can be a register, direct memory operand, or indirect memory operand,
you can write call tables similar to the example code on page 164.

------------------ end quote  ------------

I've tried a variation (call instead of jmp) of the FAR16 example on
page 163 of the programmers reference with no luck.  The example on
p 164 uses near jumps.

The following worked in in Masm 5.0:

entry      label dword
entry_off  dw      ?
entry_seg  dw      ?
    call [entry]

Why not in 6.1 using OPTION M510?  I've tried small and large model
with zip results.

What am I missing??



Fri, 19 Jul 1996 11:56:20 GMT  
 Indirect calls using MASM 6.1 (how?)
DM> The following worked in in Masm 5.0:
DM> entry      label dword
DM> entry_off  dw      ?
DM> entry_seg  dw      ?
DM>    .
DM>    .
DM>     call [entry]

It should generate FAR CALL opcode to a location of address
[entry_seg]:[entry_off] regardless of what version of assembler you use.
Any assembler which generates other opcode should be assumed defective.
Hope MS will replace it without any extra cost.

Sun, 21 Jul 1996 21:53:11 GMT  
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