Looking for VT100 emulator in Z80 source 
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 Looking for VT100 emulator in Z80 source

Hello all!

   I have this old Z80 computer gathering dust that I used to run CP/M on long
ago.  It's a Sharp MZ80B, with 64 KB RAM and a 24x80 screen built in, two serial
ports and several other extras.

   It occurred to me that I could use it as an extra terminal, so here's my
question:  Does anyone have Z80 assembler source for a VT100 emulation?  I don't
want to run it off floppy disks, so it must be Z80 assembler.  The terminal
emulator will either run in ROM, or I'll load it from cassette tape.

   I haven't done any Z80 work for years, and I'd rather not write the whole
thing from scratch, so I'm grateful for any source that might be out there.
The CP/M BIOS did emulate a terminal called ADM3A, and I have source to the
complete BIOS, so I just might mangle that.  But I don't really know all the
escape sequences for the VT100, either.

  Anyone out there able to help?

  Thanks a lot in advance -- Volker


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Sun, 30 Oct 1994 19:00:23 GMT  
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