Writing to the Boot record. 
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 Writing to the Boot record.


I am trying to write a little security program in which I would like
to be able to, among other things, write to the boot record in order
to run my program without loading it through the AUTOEXEC.BAT or
CONFIG.SYS.  I am using good ol'  MS-DOS 6.22, but it should work
under {*filter*}like WIN95 also.  My main goal is to keep losers from
accessing my HDD when I don't want them to.  I would also like to
encyrpt the partition table and move it somewhere.  A lot of what I'm
talking about is exactly the kind of thing that viri do.  My version
just won't be harmful.

Please help me.
Anything would be appreciated.

        The Sniper  : )

Tue, 19 Jan 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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