Low-level disk control 
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 Low-level disk control

>>>>> Heresiarch  <Kevin> writes:
> Does any one know where I can find a reference on directly programming
> the disk controller? (ie., bypassing interrupt 13) I ask because I need

It is easy - write the following: sector count, starting
sector on track, cylinder low byte, cylinder high byte,
0a0h+head(0..0fh)+drive(0/1)*10h to ports 1F2-1F6 (for
LBA use sector count, bytes 0..2 of logical sector number
(byte 0 is less significant), 0E0h+drive*10h+byte3), then
write command to port 1f7h (20h=read,30h=write), and wait
until status (port 1F7h) says "need buffer servicing",
then transfer data (read/write words from/to port 1f0h).
Status bits: 7-busy, 6-ready(operating), 5-write fault,
4-seek complete, 3-need buffer servicing, 2-read error
corrected, 1-index, 0-error. Normal status is 50h/52h.

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