i386 call gates in 32-bit segments ... 
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 i386 call gates in 32-bit segments ...

Hi everybody, I'm back again... Thanks to nice people I got my call gate
proc return to work. It was located in a 16-bit segment and was called from
the same segment by "callf gate_selector" and it returned by "db 66h" and
"retf". Now I have the call gate proc in a 32-bit (use32) segment and it
works all right when calling from a 16-bit segment (PL0) as before, but when
calling in the same way from any 32-bit segment (PL0 too) I get an exception.

None of the proc code runs when called from a 32bit seg, so I assume
something is wrong with the calling operation. Btw, now that I have the proc
in a 32bit segment, I don't need that "db 66h" prefixing the ret op anymore,
I suppose.

The 32-bit segment runs fine otherwise (default op size bit is set in the
descriptor but it is otherwise identical with the 16-bit one).

I checked the call op codes by a de{*filter*} and noticed that they were exactly
the same in both cases, 16 and 32 bit (9A 0000 5800). I thought that there
would be a longer argument in the 32 bit version (pword instead of dword).
I also tried appending another 4 zeroes to the code without success.

Do I have to use a different syntax (I used ideal mode) or what am I doing
wrong? I wish there were better examples in "i386/i486 adv. programming".

Thank you again.. Hope this is the last time I have to ask this basic

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Mon, 07 Oct 1996 05:47:38 GMT  
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