Programming CD-ROM/CD-R/CD-RW 
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 Programming CD-ROM/CD-R/CD-RW

Does anyone have information on methods of determining CD types?

I've altered our in-house software distribution system to be able to write
to CD-R's, but it's not as bullet-proof as I'd like it to be.

I was able to determine the presence of a CD drive by using information I
got on the IOCTL interrupt, but there seems to be no way to differentiate a
CD-ROM from a CD-R or CD-RW drive, or for that matter, if a CD-ROM disk is
in a recordable drive.

I learned from my research, that CD's are treated like network devices, even
if they are local to the machine, since they do not have a standard FAT.
This is also probably the reason why they do not return a removable media
status.  My production program is capable of detecting a ZIP drive, since it
does return a removable media status, but CD drives do not.

There must be a way to accomplish determining drive type, as so many
applications are able to do so.  Being that I'm programming in Microsoft
BASIC PDS 7.1 (don't laugh) and assembler, I'd need something in MS-DOS (asm
routine), not a Windows API call.

On a similar note, is there some kind of Windows shortcut key to bypass the
autorun.inf option?  I know you can turn the insert notification off via the
properties page, but our production machine apparently requires that this
option be set for our Adaptec CD software to function.  Since we distribute
an autorun.inf file on the CD's, every time we insert a previously updated
CD-R into the drive to be updated again, it launches our own Windows
Installer (a front-end program) and has to be cancelled...  It seemed to me
that there was some kind of keyboard shortcut (like holding shift down while
inserting the CD?) to bypass the autorun?

Thanks in advance!

Bill Hileman, PDGA #1577, HDD #001
Dad of Twins Dustin & Dylan!

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