message flow in win32 
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 message flow in win32

I ask it here because Iczelion board is buzy trying
to move to another sever now and i need to have the
answer as quick as possible:

in win32, i set a main window. On this window, i set
a tab control (as child of main window). on this tab
i set a check button (as child of Tab).

Problem: when user click on check buton, my 'callback'
doesn't receives neither WM_COMMAND nor WM_NOTIFY
message (only WM_NOTIFY from Tabs item choice itself).

I do not fully understand the message flow basic rules:
does message reach 'grand-mother' or not? directely from
'grand-daughter' or through 'mother'? Is there something
special to do for the message flow jumps from one
'generation' to previous one, when invocating
api 'CreateWindowA'?

I am really lost because i can't test messages values
with Tab is on screen: printing a value on screen at
that time, produces app. hang. (must be something
else wrong in my Callback...).

Any help?

Fri, 02 Aug 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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