If not know English. 
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 If not know English.

  This is the story of how I learned to trade. It was written in
Russian, then translated into English in 2 steps. I have a program on
my computer that translates from Russian to English, but even with my
limited knowledge of English, I knew it did not look right. The text
is then sent to C. Bennett, who edits it for grammar, and tries to
make it a bit more readable to an American audience. Here is what we
have done so far.


  In 1993 I had a job in the advertising department of a large
  company, a company so rich that it rented rooms in a luxury hotel as
  offices. Every office was equipped with the works: a TV, a fridge, a
  full bathroom , etc. Everything was perfect. That is, until June 23.

Part 1 - Starting in June, we will no longer pay you.

  The day started out just like any other day. The TV was on and the
  coffee was brewing. It was payday so I went down the the accounting
  department to pick up my cheque. When I got there, the bookkeeper
  had some bad news. "The company has restructured", he told me. "Each
  department is now responsible for its own finances."
  "Your department is responsible for its own finances. Your salary
  will come from your department profits."
     I laughed out loud. Who was to think that an accountant could have a
  sense of humor. Then I realized that nobody else was laughing. This
  was not a joke, this was for real.
    "You cannot be serious", I said. "We are an advertising department.
  You know, spending money so that OTHERS can make money. There is no
  way for our department to make money."
    "Do what you have to", the bookeeper said. "There is no cheque here
  for you". I turned around and walked back to my office.
     When I got back to the office, I had a cup of coffee. Coffee always
  helps me think. How can we make money?, I thought to myself almost
  outloud. My thoughts drifted to an ad campaign that we recently
  launched to promote tourism. The campaign failed miserably, but we
  still had all the material. A lightbulb went off in my head, and I
  called up the editor of our newspaper, "The Free World".  Tomorrows
  issue would contain an announcement of the cities newest business, a
  travel agency.  In specific, the travel agency that our department
  would become by the begining of the next day.


Part 2 - "Golden Root" cream

  I have always known about wholesale shops. There are some close to
my office that sell creams, colognes, and other beauty goods. I've
never paid attention to them in the past, but now that our
department had to make its own money, my curiousity was piqued. I've
seen people load up carriages with boxes of Golden Root cream, and
know that when they sell the creme, a lot of money will be made.
With this in mind I entered the shop and bought a single jar of
Golden Root cream at the wholesale price.
  It seemed so easy. Who needs to organize banquets, who needs to sit
thought endless presentations. All that is needed to make money is
to buy boxes of cologne and creams. I was pleased that I had learned
  But it turns out it was not that simple.

3 - How to Sell Cream
  On the way to the subway I stopped in at a perfume shop. I was
  feeling a bit nervous as I approached the saleswoman. Actually, I
  was trembling. This was the first time in my life that I was trying
  to sell something. I managed to whisper, "Do you need to buy any of
  this cream?"
    "No," the saleswoman stated, "we do not need any". Then she turned
  around and went to another part of the store. I had failed. What was
  I going to do with this cream now?
    I had given up all hope when I heard someone ask, "How much? How
  much for the cream?"
    Stunned, and not knowing what to say, I stuttered out, "150. 150
    The lady opened her purse and retrieved the money. "I'll take take
    When I left the shop, I was happy. I had bought the cream for 120
  and sold it for 150 - that was a quick earning of 30 rouples.
  Hastely I made my way back to the wholesalers to buy 10 more jars of
  "Golden Root" cream.
    In the following hours I visited many shops, but I was not able to
  sell even 1 jar of cream. Disallusioned, I went home. When I opened
  my bag to put away my stock I almost fainted. The jars had all
  broken. My stock was destroyed. After coming to terms with my losses
  I entered these 2 rules into my journal...
     1. Buying goods is easy. Buy you must know where to sell them.
     2. If your goods are not packaged properly, they will be

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