Character constants in asm ( AS11 for 'HC11) 
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 Character constants in asm ( AS11 for 'HC11)

I have a question for anyone who is proficient in the using
AS11 assembler tool on the Mac for 68HC11 programming.

It appears from the documentataion I have that the assembler
will figure out your ASCII character codes for you.  That is
I thought you could define a character with the syntax:

     mychar   equ   'R

and a RAM location with

     charloc  RMB    1

and then at some point store the ASCII value for that character
somewhere with:

     ldaa #mychar
     staa charloc

When I try that though it always interprets the character
string as $00 rather than the appropriate ASCII value.  This
reduces me to saving characters as

    mychar  equ  $27

which is pretty annoying to have to look up all the character
values - even if I do have a snazzy DA on my Mac to do it.

Can anyone enlighten me here?

Much appreciated,


Mon, 21 Dec 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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