Command line variables to executables,command programs 
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 Command line variables to executables,command programs

Ocassionally I start to muck about with Debug,I had just been using
`ASEASY' a spreadsheet,I had quit after using subscript fonts on
 my printer,and dug out an old COM that I had written earlier,that
 reset the printer,I took out the old Epson book and  made changes to
 the SCR file - then wrote  a new com, to cause a one line shift,
 debugged it into UPALINE.COM
 I decided put the upaline into a loop - Well a bit of refreshing
 of my assembly knowledge,[ perhaps even a new learning ]I used the
 CX  register and the LOOP and succeeded to write an UP5LINES.COM
 Then decided it would be nice,to enter a number at the command line
 As an insane work around I wrote a batchfile that creates the
 scriptfile calls DEBUG compiles the code then runs the new program
 ---- Okay finally! how can I write a COM that will place the number
 of loops into the CX
 I discovered that if I type something like:
 then use DEBUG
 I will find 05 at :0082
 Is that where the variable parameters used in programs at the
 command line are stuffed into the Keyboard Buffers,if so
 how would I get it into the cx register to use in a

 Here is a piece of the code as best I can recall:


        mov cx 06
        mov dl,0d
        mov  ah,05
        int 21
        loop 105
        int 20

        rcx 0f

I am sure this is really bad, but I don't really code a lot and my
 references are all at work,I put 0d - 12 instead of 1b 'cause
I can't remember exactly what the upline code is.

         Sorry this is so verbose: but the info would open a whole
 new vista for me........... Thanx Ron Rayner [Toronto Canada]

Thu, 02 Sep 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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