68000 assembly codes and GNU assembler ... 
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 68000 assembly codes and GNU assembler ...


I have trouble compiling this assembly code. Can anyone be
kind enough to offer some advice?

    1. What format of assembly code is it? It does not look like
       68000 codes, although it is supposed to be. (% sign at front
       of a register? & sign at front of a numeric value? what
       register is %sr? "text" instead of ".text"? "global" instead
       of ".globl"? ...)
    2. What options should I configure my GNU assembler in order to
       have it understand this type of assembly language syntax.
       or Should I re-build my assembler with different options?
    3. Is it indeed 68000 assembly codes?

This file is indeed being used, and I have more files like this.
I am porting the software to a different development platform, but
still generating 68000 family codes. The GNU assembler I am using
is GNU V1.6.

Please send your advices to my e-mail account. Thanks in advance!!

chia chen

---- sample assembly file -----

        global kputc
        link.w %a6,&0
        movm.l &0x3000,-(%sp)
        mov.l 8(%fp),%d3
        mov.b 15(%fp),%d2
        beq L%1
        cmp.b %d2,&10
        bne L%3
        pea 13
        mov.l %d3,-(%sp)
        jsr kputc
        lea devtab,%a0
        mov.l %d3,%d0
        asl.l &1,%d0
        add.l %d3,%d0
        asl.l &4,%d0
        mov.l 38(%a0,%d0.l),%a1
        btst &0,47(%a0,%d0.l)
        beq L%4
        add.w &16,%a1
        mov.b 3(%a1),%d0
        btst &2,%d0
        beq L%5
        mov.b %d2,7(%a1)
        mov.b 3(%a1),%d0
        btst &2,%d0
        beq L%7
        movm.l -8(%a6),&0xc
        unlk %a6
        global savestate
        link.w %a6,&0
        mov.l %d2,-(%sp)
        mov.l 8(%fp),%d2
        pea 9984
        jsr m_mtsr
        mov.w %d0,saveps
        tst.l bugsccim
        beq L%10
        mov.l bugsccim,%a0
        mov.b (%a0),saveim
        clr.b (%a0)
        lea devtab,%a0
        mov.l %d2,%d0
        asl.l &1,%d0
        add.l %d2,%d0
        asl.l &4,%d0
        mov.l 38(%a0,%d0.l),%a0
        clr.b 11(%a0)
        mov.l -4(%a6),%d2
        unlk %a6
        global rststate
        link.w %a6,&0
        mov.l 8(%fp),%d0
        lea devtab,%a0
        mov.l %d0,%d1
        asl.l &1,%d1
        add.l %d0,%d1
        asl.l &4,%d1
        mov.l 38(%a0,%d1.l),%a0
        tst.l bugsccim
        beq L%12
        mov.b saveim,11(%a0)
        mov.l bugsccim,%a0
        mov.b saveim,(%a0)
        mov.w saveps,%a1
        mov.l %a1,-(%sp)
        jsr m_mtsr
        unlk %a6
        lcomm saveim,2
        lcomm saveps,2

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