quicksort implementation in assembly 
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 quicksort implementation in assembly

hi folks,

i've written a quicksort in assembly.  would be glad to
receive any pointers on how i could have made it better.

;;; quicksort implementationjmp start

jmp start

DAT     dw      48, 16, 9, 30, 4, 1, 25, 3, 2, 7, 41, 2, 0
SZ      equ     13

    mov bp, SZ
    dec bp
    mov bx, 0
    push bp     ; top
    push bx     ; bottom
    call qsort

    mov ah, 4ch
    int 21h

;;; passing parameters via stack
;;; order on stack - lower bound, then upper bound
qsort   proc
    push bx
    push bp
    mov bp, sp
    mov bx, [bp + 6]    ; get lower bound
    mov bp, [bp + 8]    ; get upper bound

;; terminating condition
    cmp bx, bp          ; if anchors crossover, we are done
    jge done
    call partition
    push di              ; save pivot for second qsort call

;; low end of the array
    dec di              ; exclude pivot - already sorted
    push di             ; store upper bound
    push bx             ; store lower bound
    call qsort
    pop di              ; get back stored pivot

;; high end of the array
    inc di              ; exclude pivot - already sorted
    push bp             ; store upper bound
    push di             ; store lower bound
    call qsort
    pop bp
    pop bx
    ret 4
qsort   endp

;;; place values that are smaller than pivot on left side
;;; and larger than pivot on right.
partition  proc
    push bx
    push bp
    push cx
    push si
    push dx

;; adjust size of pointer according to data type
    shl bx, 1     ; multiple by 2 to access word
    shl bp, 1
    lea si, DAT   ; make SI point to our array
    mov dx, si    ; save first location
    add dx, bx
    mov cx, [si + bx]   ; take first item as pivot value
    add bp, 2           ; compensate for the initial dec BP
    add bx, 2
    cmp [si + bx], cx
    jb  up
    sub bp, 2
    cmp [si + bp], cx
    jg  down

    cmp bx, bp          ; two end pointers crossover?
    jge crossed

;; swap values pointed by 'bx' (moving up);; and 'bp' (coming down)
    xchg    [si + bx], [si + bp]
    jb  up

;; swap value pointed by 'down' index with [pivot]
    mov bx, dx
    xchg [si + bp], [bx]

;; convert it back to data-type independence positions
    shr bp, 1
    mov di, bp  ; set pivot to be 'down' index

    pop dx
    pop si
    pop cx
    pop bp
    pop bx
partition endp


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Sat, 12 Jan 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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